Zahra and Eve Dana

Since we both always had a knack for art, we decided to make a go out of a photography and filmmaking collective together. We have very similar styles (being twins) but there is always more to explore with two of us and two different minds.

We are 19 and currently in Vermont after living in SoCal for 7 months, and helping out a close family friend with her photography business. It was really inspirational and we met some amazing people and made a lot of connections in the LA area. 

We were in separate classes junior year of high school, Eve took a Graphic Arts program, Zahra was in Digital Filmmaking, and then senior year we both joined the filmmaking program together. We're so lucky to have had this kind of exposure to the photography and film world. 

Many of the photos seen on the site were photos taken for the photography class we were enrolled in at the Community College of Vermont last spring. The class was pretty basic, being a freshman course, but it forced us to go out and take photos and to step out of our comfort zone; which is important for any photographer.

With the hopes of returning to the west coast and pursuing a creative career, we try to push each other to continue taking pictures and working hard every day. Both of us work two jobs, 5 days a week to save and prepare for a future in the industry. It’s stressful and mentally draining, but it's working toward something important, which is a constant reminder. Art is about knowing what you want and what you like aesthetically and we definitely have a clear idea of both of these.